5 Rules to Follow for Personal Finance when Unemployed

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Losing the job hurts you a lot because it snatches the smoothness of your financial life. There are many day-to-day expenses, which require sufficient cash flow to your bank account.

Getting out of employment stops that cash flow, and managing those expenses suddenly becomes a burden. You run out of ideas, and subsequently, you start struggling to live a happy life.

Many jobless individuals become nervous during this situation, and they trap in health-related problems. Some even go into depression, and their whole life goes into hell.

Nevertheless, not every unemployed person needs to lose the grip on personal finance. If there is a problem, then it should have a solution too.

What would be that solution?

When it comes to the solution, two things come into our minds. First, requesting friends, relatives or colleagues to have some money for some time. The second is looking for loans for the unemployed from a direct lender or any other lending institution to borrow necessary funds.

Both these solutions can work during unemployment. Of course, there will be many and in the given below lines of this blog, we have explained a few tips to manage your personal finance during unemployment.

Why is managing personal finance still crucial during unemployment?

Before explaining those tips, we would like to throw light on the importance of managing personal finance during unemployment.

You may think about how can you manage personal finance when there is no stable monthly income? You are right into your query. Still, it is essential because life does not end here.

You have family responsibilities. Your kids have lots of expectations from you, and they want a better study to have a successful career. Their expectations should not be shattered just because you lost the job.

The reality is that you should maintain personal finance to have a better future. It means instant reactions are needed to balance the present finances and to ensure stability for future finances.

What you have done in the past is what you are not practising at present. Similarly, you will not repeat those mistakes in the future, which you have been doing now. All these things create the significance of proper planning and successful implementation in your overall personal finance.

Indeed, many succeed while several fail in their financial management. We do not want that you fail too in your endeavour. Instead, learn from the tips mentioned below and take forward your finances towards the destination of stability and success.

5 Tips to manage personal finance when unemployed

Here are the tips explaining various ways to handle your personal finance despite going through the bad phase of unemployment.

  1. Earn something to continue the cash flow

Losing the full-time income does not mean that you cannot earn anything to manage the expenses. This is a lethargic approach where one can only face a lot of trouble instead of finding out the solution.

Instead, try to follow the following steps to avoid any mishap:-

  • Try to earn at least part-time income
  • If unemployed and have enough savings, you may opt for self-employment
  • Take gig income as serious as you took your full-time job
  • You may opt for freelancing projects to earn something

  1. Save at least 10% of your income

You may be thinking that we are joking here to save 10% of your monthly income, especially when you are unemployed.

We have a particular purpose in saying this. Savings are essential nowadays, particularly when pandemic has continuously been affecting everyday life all over the world.

People who had savings survived, but others, unfortunately, came into the category of complete unemployment.

  • If not 10%, then at least save 5% from your part-time income;
  • Manage regular expenses according to that non-regular earning;
  • Sacrifice with your desires for at least a short duration or until finding the new full-time job

  1. Go for borrowing to manage urgent expenses

In the above section of the blog, we discussed something about borrowing options. Yes, it can be a vital option to consider.

Nowadays, the UK marketplace has been trending for its online loan options, especially for unemployed people. It signifies plenty of options available if a person is looking for loans for the unemployed from a direct lender.

Now, let us discuss a few features of these loans:-

  • These are short-term loans and thus suited best for your current situation
  • You do not need collateral or a guarantor just show your part-time income
  • Loans will come only on your loan affordability
  • Approval may come on your unemployment benefits too

  1. Control expenses never like before

You are unemployed, and it is the testing time of your life. When someone is earning a regular as well as a good salary, managing personal finance is not a problem at all.

Everyone can do this. However, the real test comes when there is no regular income and then how will you manage your finances. Perhaps, the best way to do this is to cut down on those expenses without which you can live.

  • Cutting down expenses will help you to handle part-time nicely
  • You will have a better chance of saving at least a few pounds for future stability
  • Eliminate those expenses which are from your desire, not from needs


  1. Never use credit cards too often

Last but not least. Please do not use credit cards too often or at least during jobless circumstances. Once you get the new employment, you can restart your luxury lifestyle but not in the current time at least.

  • Still using credit cards during unemployment will add more debts
  • With having too many debts, you will have more trouble in managing finances
  • You may be trapped in a debt cycle, and that will hurt more if the wait for new employment gets longer

In the Nutshell

Getting a job or losing a full-time job is the part of ups and downs of individual life. Feeling disappointed is not the solution at all. Instead, you have to be optimistic from the inside and practical in your efforts.

Ways are there, like better financial plans or available online loans in the marketplace. You can work on them and get stability, at least for a little time.

You will get a new job. Till then remain positive is more vital. Believe us…

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