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Be careful, don’t start a suicidal rebellion

Be careful, don't start a suicidal rebellion

The self-immolation of Elam’s Prem Prasad Acharya is not a sign of cowardice, but a slap in the face to the poor state. Acharya, who committed self-immolation by spraying incendiary material in front of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda’s car gate on Tuesday in front of Parliament House, wrote a long status on social media before that.

Unfortunately, the media, which gives importance to the status of the leaders and the advertisements provided by businessmen and financial institutions in order to defame the customers, did not consider Premprasad’s pain as a news topic. And the revolutionary Prime Minister Prachanda could not pay attention to the situation of Prem Prasad who attempted self-immolation in front of his own car gate.

After Acharya’s death, Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor Balendra Shah wrote on social media, ‘There are many reasons and signs for that self-immolation, but the biggest reason is the state. And, the most terrible sign is the extreme failure of the state. In his business, in his desperation, in his plea for help, in his protection, in his rescue, the state has failed him at every stage.

Journalist Khil Bahadur Bhandari has written a status on social media Facebook, “Instead, Prem Acharya, who would have bought a pistol even though he was in debt, was a thug, a corrupt, a broker, would have burned himself to death.” I know that the decision of self-immolation is the result of frustration and pain since yesterday. I feel sad that even the arrival of newcomers like us could not increase your enthusiasm, could not instill hope, could not change the decision of self-immolation.

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Different aspects are connected to complete the life cycle of humans, animals, and animals. Life exists only if everyone who joins to complete a cycle of life can exist and the existence of the world depends on the existence of life. For the success of the economic life cycle, we have to move forward with the management of individuals, businesses, raw materials, financial institutions and the government. After federalism, the district headquarters of the country are mostly deserted. Trade, business, industry, factories, agriculture, animal husbandry have all come to a standstill. The situation of people who have done business with loans is critical. Financial institutions are considering their success in giving mental stress to businessmen without discussing options like re-loaning, interest rate reduction. And the government is turning a blind eye to all this.

The result of this is the self-immolation of Prem Prasad Acharya. If the government pays attention to the problems of businessmen and does not pay attention to interest rate control and refinancing facilities for financial reform, many other love offerings will self-immolate. Not only that, like journalist Khil Bahadur Bhandari’s statement, some victims are forced to buy pistols and rebel against the financial situation by sinking into a few thousand more debts.

If the mentality of the businessmen suffering from financial pain and the social persecution that they have to face in the form of abuse reaches the point where they have to take up guns and rebel, then it can be hit in the financial sector. And the state should take responsibility for it.

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It is another tragedy that even after 24 hours have passed since the prime minister came to the car gate and set himself on fire, not a single word has been addressed by the state regarding the incident. If the state takes a man’s self-immolation in front of the Prime Minister in front of the country’s legislature due to financial pain, then nothing can be a bigger mistake than that. It is necessary for the state to immediately investigate the incident and study the persons and financial institutions mentioned in the status by the deceased Acharya and take action and find a solution.

The economic condition of the country has reached close to that of Sri Lanka. The prosperity of the country is not possible without the advancement of businessmen. For this, the government needs to make policy reforms. Financial institutions should also look for measures such as re-loaning, reconsideration of interest rates and demand concessions from the government instead of giving mental stress to businessmen who are in financial crisis.

A suicide rebellion should not start along with the series of self-immolation of many other Premprasads due to the necessity of supporting the alleged politician as a representative of the people.

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If we want to advance the country economically, there is no alternative to canceling the provincial structure. By abolishing the provincial structure, the district coordination committee should be given the previous powers and by reducing the number of municipalities, the wards should be given financial powers with some more employees. In addition, all the offices in the past in each district headquarters should be established in their original place.

The politicians who shout slogans that the lion court will reach every citizen’s house in federalism should be ashamed, now they have to go to the provincial capital and different districts for some work of development and construction.

Premprasad has given various suggestions on 25 points before self-immolation. Now Premprasad will not return, but if we want to end this series of suffering forever, we should start a new vein of reform with a commitment to end the country’s disorder, deformity and inconsistency by assimilating his suggestions. If they still get entangled in the fight for position and convenience, all the new and old political parties will fail and will make the state as a whole fail.

Finally, let the government take the initiative not today, but now, to end the series of financial coups and self-immolations by taking the responsibility of nurturing and caring for Prem Prasad’s family.

Shraddhasuman Premprasad.

News/Image Sources: Online Khabar

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