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Black Cab driver David Jacobs, 61, denies raping city worker in her 20s at her flat

Black Cab driver David Jacobs, pictured outside Inner London Crown Court today, is charged with raping a city worker in her 20s after picking her up near St Paul's Cathedral on February 3

A woman was raped in her apartment by the black cab driver who drove her home after getting drunk with co-workers, a court has heard.

David Jacobs, 61, sexually assaulted the city worker at his south London flat after picking her up in Fleets near St Paul’s Cathedral, jurors heard.

The woman, in her 20s, had drunk “a lot” of wine after enjoying free party drinks and decided to return home around 8.30pm on February 3 this year.

CCTV was shown in court of the woman falling backwards in the bar while retrieving her bag and coat.

Black Cab driver David Jacobs, pictured outside Inner London Crown Court today, is charged with raping a city worker in her 20s after picking her up near St Paul's Cathedral on February 3

Black Cab driver David Jacobs, pictured outside Inner London Crown Court today, is charged with raping a city worker in her 20s after picking her up near St Paul’s Cathedral on February 3

Amanda Hamilton, prosecuting, said the woman remembers Jacobs asking her to show him her breasts during the trip when she pressed the record button on her phone.

During the taping, played in front of jurors at the Inner London Crown Court, Jacobs can be heard saying “You might as well let me fuck you”.

The woman claims she woke up the next morning lying next to a pile of vomit with no memory of opening or closing her front door.

She later told police she remembered a man with a hairy body and a pot belly who pulled a dress over her head and then had sex with her.

Jacobs, who worked as a taxi driver for more than 20 years, denies being raped and claims the woman was flirting and making sexual advances towards him.

He maintains that the woman consented to have sex in his apartment.

Amanda Hamilton, prosecuting, asked Jacobs about his interview with the police during which the officer asked him if he had ever had sex with a passenger before.

Jacobs replied, “Oh man, I don’t know, a few years ago when I first took a cab and [a woman] started talking about Fake Taxis (porn site) where dude picks up women and if they can’t pay cash they have to pay some other way and stuff.

“I didn’t sleep with her but it was like a date, you know what I mean, I’m not proud of that.”

Ms Hamilton asked: ‘So when the officers asked you if you had ever had sex with a passenger you brought in your taxi, you said yes?’

The married father-of-two replied: “I didn’t understand the question, I thought they meant like talking,” Jacobs said, shaking his head.

“I was in a high pressure situation, I thought they were going to investigate the situation,” Jacobs said.

“So this previous encounter was sex chat and not sexual touching anyway?” said Ms. Hamilton.

“Absolutely not,” Jacobs replied.

Jacobs, who denies the accusation, is accused of raping the woman inside his apartment

Jacobs, who denies the accusation, is accused of raping the woman inside his apartment

The jurors heard the city employee having ten glasses of wine and a beer between 5:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. February 3.

In her closing speech, prosecutor Amanda Hilton said: ‘Victim was tripping while slurring her words and didn’t make much sense, came across CCTV as she went to get her bag.

“You might wonder how, considering she couldn’t stand but she managed to get in the taxi, check it in and talk to her friend on the phone, how do you resolve those differences.

“The Crown says the things that drunk people can do are because they are activities of daily living, they are routine things, taking a taxi,” Ms Hamilton said.

A toxicology report of the victim’s urine revealed an extreme level of intoxication, but Ms Hamilton said: ‘One of those myths is that women who drink too much are asking for trouble, that’s not the case .”

The woman was put in a taxi by two of her colleagues who feared her drunkenness could harm her working relationship with her boss, the court heard.

“You could conclude for yourself that these women have a very alcoholic lifestyle, that something is bound to go wrong and you won’t think beyond that or you could look carefully at the victim who she is who she knows and how she survives as a bachelor,” Ms Hamilton said.

“Yes, she drinks a lot because she seems to be doing perfectly well in her city job, but her alcohol helps with her anxiety.”

The prosecutor said the complainant remembered details of the attack, such as Jacobs “lifting her dress over her head.”

When she told Jacobs ‘I have to go to sleep’ he said ‘let me finish’, Ms Hamilton added.

She also referenced a text message the alleged victim sent to her friend saying, “There’s a fat old man in my apartment.”

Ms Hamilton said: ‘She was reporting that an uninvited person entered her secure space and raped her almost simultaneously.

She told the jury that Jacobs was married with two children older than the victim “and so you seriously expect us to believe that this stunning and awkward woman invited him like a siren calling to him on the rocks to hurt him.”

“He wants you to believe that he is a victim, that he is the victim of an attractive, attention-seeking seducer who set him up and that is why he is here and this is the foundation on which he built his arguments, that was his whole plan,” Ms Hamilton said.

“He raped a woman in her own house, she says she can’t live there now and hasn’t spent a night in the room where the rape took place since that night.

“Her spotty memory of her being undressed and him towering over her tells her everything you want to know about whether or not she consents.”

Defending Jacobs, Rhiannon Crimmons, KC, told the jury in her closing remarks, “How many times in your life have you heard people say ‘I can’t believe I did that,’ ‘omg I can’t not believe that ‘after a night out?’

She said: “People make bad decisions when they’ve been drinking all the time, whether or not someone regrets that situation isn’t here or there.”

“Consent does not have to be verbal, it can come from actions or behaviors.

“It’s not rape for a man to have sex with a woman who’s been drinking, the question is what she might understand, it doesn’t change whether the man is sober or drunk, just because a woman drank it doesn’t mean a man can’t have sex with her.

“I’m not saying David Jacobs is some kind of saint, of course he’s not, he’s a married man, he hurt his wife, his family, he lost his job.

“He will no longer work as a black cab driver, he should never have had sex with a female passenger no matter what she said or did and of course he will pay for it all, he will have to rebuild the relationship .

“In his family he is, in his own words, at least a jerk, but he is not a rapist.”

Jacobs, from Barking, east London, claims his fare became seductive very quickly as she allegedly showed him her breasts which he admits asking ‘are they yours?’

He denies the rape and maintains that the woman consented to the sex.

The trial continues.

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