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Daniel Andrews admits stealing the spotlight from Anthony Albanese as he hijacks press conference 

Daniel Andrews steals the show from Anthony Albanese, leaving the Labor leader nervously lurking over his shoulder

  • The Victorian Prime Minister seemed to forget who the stars were on during a press conference
  • Labor leader Anthony Albanese had to remind Dan Andrews who was boss
  • Mr Andrews fired up as he got stuck in the ‘miserable Morrison government’

A fiery Daniel Andrews ousted Anthony Albanese from the campaign spotlight at the Victorian Premier’s first joint campaign event with the Federal Labor leader.

Mr Andrews was unexpectedly called to the side to answer a question about his relationship with Scott Morrison on Tuesday at a campaign event at which the federal Labor leader pledged $2.2billion to back the project of the Victorian Government’s commuter rail loop in Surrey Hills, Melbourne.

However, it was Mr Andrews – who became a national figure during the pandemic as Victoria became the world’s most locked down jurisdiction – who stole the show, lambasting the “miserable Morrison government” for offering Victoria “ zero dollars” for the railway project.

Mr Andrews took three minutes and 40 seconds of valuable press conference time from Anthony Albanese – with the Leader of the Opposition seen in the background looking awkwardly over his shoulder.

Daniel Andrews (pictured right) took over the press conference from Anthony Albanese (second from left) in Melbourne on Tuesday as Labor MPs Jim Chalmers and Catherine King looked on

Eventually, after dodging and diving for a bit to try and let Mr. Andrews know who was supposed to be the star of the show, Mr. Albanese was able to regain control.

Mr Andrews continued to tear apart the Prime Minister and the Coalition Government until he finally got the idea that the launch was meant to underline the Leader of the Federal Opposition’s commitment to Victoria.

Mr Andrews even said: ‘At the end of the day it’s Albo’s press conference and let’s get back to him!’

This was followed by awkward laughter from the future Prime Minister, Premier and fellow Labor MPs on stage, including Jim Chalmers and Catherine King.

Before being forced to hand over the reins of the press conference, Mr Andrews had lambasted the federal coalition government.

“Every federal dollar that Victorians receive from the miserable Morrison government, where we should bow our heads and treat it as if it were foreign aid, we have been ripped off by this Liberal-National government,” he said. -he declares.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese (pictured right) and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews (left) are pictured during a visit to the Surrey Hills Level Crossing Removal Project on Tuesday

Anthony Albanese (right) and Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews (left) are pictured together on their first joint day of campaigning for the Federal Election

“Mr Morrison…should have been here to deliver Victorian workers and families.”

Referring to a local rail project, Mr Andrews said: ‘I had a conversation with the Prime Minister about the commuter rail loop and zero dollars. Zero dollars.

‘The contrast couldn’t be clearer. Anthony Albanese is about building things. He talks about partnership.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews (pictured left) speaks to the media after taking center stage from an unimpressed Anthony Albanese (right)

Anthony Albanese (right) inspects the Surrey Hills level crossing removal project in Melbourne on Tuesday

“He wants to create jobs. It’s about making sure that our cities and regions, our nation, actually work,” he said.

Mr Andrews went on to say that Mr Morrison was ‘such a desperate guy, because he’s been there for a decade and done nothing… (he has) an excuse for everything and a plan for nothing’.

“This is the kind of stuff that comes out of prime ministers who just ran out of time,” he said.

And seconds later, Mr. Andrews realized he himself had run out of time, when Mr. Albanese finally managed to get his attention and let him know who the real boss was.

Union leader Anthony Albanese and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews greet workers during a visit to the Surrey Hills Level Crossing Removal Project in Melbourne on Tuesday May 10, 2022

Anthony Albanese (pictured front) and Dan Andrews (left) inspect the proposed Surrey Hills level crossing removal on the 30th day of the 2022 federal election campaign, in Melbourne

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