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Election 2022: Anthony Albanese rips Scott Morrison over leaked texts with Emmanuel Macron

Anthony Albanese has attacked Scott Morrison’s international credibility in a fiery interview with Alan Jones – after Grace Tame slammed the Labor leader for his appearance on the shock athlete show.

Mr Albanese spoke to the Sydney broadcaster at its new studio on Monday, where he was quizzed on a range of issues from the cost of living to foreign policy.

The former 2GB host asked if Australians were right to be ‘genuinely worried’ about Mr Albanese becoming the country’s ‘face to the world’, before the Labor leader ripped into Mr’s own scandals. Morrison.

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Anthony Albanese attacked Scott Morrison’s international credibility in fiery interview with Alan Jones

‘As Prime Minister you would represent the nation to the world and while they may not like the Morrison government they are genuinely concerned that Anthony Albanese is the face of Australia to the world . How do you approach this? asked Jones.

“Well, I’ll tell you one thing I wouldn’t do…disclose private text messages from other national leaders of our allies and that happened, of course, with Emmanuel Macron with Mr. Morrison,” Ms. Albanian.

“I think it will make world leaders really take a break from engaging with him. And that was a real concern.

The Labor leader was referring to the scrapped submarine deal with France which saw Australia walk away from a $90billion deal to join a US-UK led scheme, prompting the anger of Mr. Macron.

The French leader told reporters ‘I don’t think, I know’ when asked if he believed Mr Morrison had lied to him, before text messages between Australian and French diplomats were leaked the following day .

The messages from an anonymous source were provided as evidence that Mr Macron knew the outsourcing deal was in trouble.

Mr Albanese attacked Mr Morrison over the failed submarine deal with France – which saw President Emmanuel Macron (pictured) accuse his Australian counterpart of lying

Mr Albanese suggested Mr Morrison’s office was behind the leaks, before insisting he already had connections to many world leaders.

“I represented Australia at the very first G20 meeting. I know President Biden; I know our allies; I met Prime Minister (Boris) Johnson – I wouldn’t say I know him well, but I met him when he was head of the London Council.

“I was engaged in international fora for a considerable period as a senior minister in the former Labor government.”

Mr Albanese suggested Mr Morrison’s office was behind leaked text messages that emerged the day after the French leader’s incredible attack.

Mr Albanese’s interview with Mr Jones made headlines earlier in the night when Grace Tame, who recently sat down with Mr Albanese for an interview with InStyle, shared the photo of the Labor leader and by Mr. Jones with the caption: “Side eye SIDE EYE”.

Ms Tame has been a strong supporter of Mr Albanese so far, with the couple getting together to pose for photos at several high-profile events.

This contrasts with the frosty relationship she has with the Prime Minister whom she has dealt many blows to since being named Australian of the Year 2021.

The side-eye reference in Ms Tame’s latest tweet is believed to refer to her infamous encounter with Mr Morrison earlier this year.

Grace Tame (left) slammed opposition Labor leader Anthony Albanese (right)

She voiced her bitter disapproval during Mr Albanese’s interview with the shock athlete.

‘Yeah no, that’s when you could have frowned and walked away. Or better yet, not done,” she tweeted.

“There are many other ways to expand your message without activating known agents of sexism and abuse. None of us have to talk to fanatics. The optics are not good.

Mr Jones then released a statement saying Ms Tame was entitled to her opinion.

During their InStyle interview, the couple touched on a wide range of topics, from Mr Albanese’s upbringing, Mr Morrison, gender diversity, the Covid pandemic and Ms Tame’s infamous bang photo.

The Labor leader told Ms Tame how her single mother Maryanne struggled to raise her in her Camperdown council house in Sydney’s Inner West in the 1960s – bringing Ms Tame to tears.

In the middle of the video link interview, Mr Albanese suddenly cut off his story when he noticed the tears streaming down Ms Tame’s face.

Grace Tame has made her feelings known about Mr Albanese meeting Alan Jones

The couple later drew criticism for avoiding discussing allegations of bullying Labour’s ‘mean girls’ following the recent death of Labor Senator Kimberley Kitching from a sudden heart attack.

They also posed for a selfie on Australia Day, a day after Ms Tame’s frosty exchange with the Prime Minister.

‘With our legendary Aussie of the Year, Grace Tame. She uses her voice to advocate for survivors of child sexual abuse around the world. His strength makes Australia stronger,’ Mr Albanese tweeted at the time.

The outburst of anger was sparked by Mr Albanese sharing a photo of his interview with the controversial broadcaster, which aired on Monday night.

Grace Tame was unimpressed with Anthony Albanese’s encounter with Alan Jones

Commentators have suggested that Ms Tame’s discontent was misguided and that the Labor leader has a duty to speak to all sectors of the public.

‘I can’t agree. As future prime minister, Albanese has a duty to reach out to those diametrically opposed to his beliefs. The show, whether you like Jones or not, allows for that – the ability to change hearts and minds. This in no way condones Jones’ behaviors. It’s unfair,” one wrote.

A woman added: ‘This is politics, not an invitation to dinner. He must try to appeal to different constituents. And he can’t be considered a “leftist,” because that now has a toxic association. It’s hard but it’s the reality.

A man speculated if the photo might not be all it seemed.

“It’s not a smile, it’s gritted teeth,” he wrote.

Grace Tame (right) was criticized earlier this year for her frosty exchange with the Prime Minister (left) at an Australian of the Year reception at the Lodge

It comes as Labor has extended its lead over the coalition, but Mr Morrison still remains Australia’s favorite prime minister, according to the latest Newspoll.

The Australian reported that Labor now has 39% of the vote, compared to 35% for the Liberals and Nationals – the biggest lead for Anthony Albanese’s party during the current federal election campaign.

The Labor leader, however, remains behind Mr Morrison in the Prime Minister’s vote 44-42, but Mr Albanese moved up three points last week while the Liberal leader dropped a point.

Labor holds a 54-46 lead over the coalition in the preferred two-party vote, climbing for the first time since early April.

Soaring cost of living prices saw Labor tighten their grip on the election as the opposition gained confidence ahead of Mr Morrison’s government which saw interest rates rise for the first time in 11 years.

Newspoll saw 44% of voters trust Mr Albanese to better plan for rising costs, ahead of 41% for Mr Morrison.

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