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Grace Tame takes ANOTHER swipe at Scott Morrison's government with a scathing Twitter post 

Grace Tame has taken a swipe at Scott Morrison’s government amid the Liberal Party’s blitz campaign as the countdown to the 2022 federal election begins.

The 2021 Australian of the Year took to Twitter on Wednesday to share a photo of Warringah Liberal candidate Katherine Deves and former Prime Minister John Howard.

Earlier today, Mr Howard joined Ms Deves – who has sparked controversy in recent weeks over insensitive comments about the transgender community – as she addressed voters in Manly.

But Ms Tame felt the stark contrast between the two very different politicians standing side by side in a photo taken at the event, a metaphor for the LNP and their campaign.

Grace Tame took another swipe at Scott Morrison’s government as LNP campaign blitz ahead of election

The former Australian of the Year shared a photo of John Howard and Liberal candidate Katherine Deves on Twitter on Wednesday (pictured)

“Packaging (right) vs. actual contents (left),” she captioned the photo.

The tweet went viral, garnering over 3,600 likes and 515 retweets, with many of Ms Tame’s followers sharing their amusement in the comments.

Ms Tame, a survivor of sexual assault and a lawyer, was a longtime critic of Mr Morrison after he allegedly told her ‘Well, damn it, I bet it felt good to say it’ during of his powerful inaugural speech at the Australia Day Awards. ceremony last year.

She has also been a vocal opponent of the Coalition’s handling of sexual violence complaints after Parliament was rocked by internal sexual assault allegations in early 2021.

The latest blow comes just days after Ms Tame, who is a strong supporter of Labor leader Anthony Albanese, paid a compliment to Mr Morrison.

In an interview earlier this week, Ms Tame praised the Prime Minister’s political intelligence – but then accused him of being a master manipulator and using his position of power to try to silence her.

“He’s pretty smart,” she admitted in the latest podcast from the team of cult parody website, the Betoota Advocate. ‘I’m going to give this to him.

But she claimed the ‘vindictive’ Prime Minister used his government powers to try to silence her after the row over her icy meeting with him in January.

Ms Tame is a longtime critic of Scott Morrison after he allegedly made an insensitive mark when she received his Australian of the Year award last year.

And she accused him of leading “petty vendettas”, calling him “egocentric” and “entitled”.

“I have no more right to anything than anyone else,” she told the podcast.

“The problem is Scott Morrison – his right. “I’m the prime minister, and she should be smiling at me because I’m the prime minister.”

‘I was standing next to Scott Morrison, and I’m friends with Brittany [Higgins, who has accused the government of covering up her alleged rape in Parliament].

“And I’m like, I can’t smile at you. Like, it’s a pot of shit.

“All those cool institutions that just harbor abusers and cover them up – what for?”

But she claimed the Prime Minister retaliated following the row – which came on the last day of her reign as Australian of the Year – by turning the power of the establishment against her.

“The way he responded to me — because I called him and called a spade a spade — was to intimidate me with his resources,” she claimed.

“Is this how you want to use your resources as Prime Minister – to carry out your vindictive little vendettas?”

Former Australian of the Year Grace Tame has claimed ‘vindictive’ Prime Minister Scott Morrison used his government powers to try to silence her after the row over her icy meeting with him in January.

‘Yeah great. I hope you feel good about this, she fumed.

“While the country is in the middle of a pandemic, and there are people dying in the floods, and there are still people without homes after the bushfires. Good job, Scott.

Ms Tame, 27, was a last-minute ringer for the podcast after a scheduled interview with Treasurer Josh Frydenberg reportedly fell through.

Ms Tame compared the coalition government to the administration of former US President Donald Trump in the way it targeted minorities for electoral gain.

“I am both surprised and not surprised at the depths to which this particular batch is ready to sink,” she said.

‘It never ceases to amaze me. It has nothing to do with party politics. I hope Australia realizes this now. It’s all to do with basic human decency.

She said the prime minister’s targeted policy could cost him dearly when those minorities give their verdict on his leadership this weekend.

“What Scott may have forgotten, in the fog of his hive mind in Canberra, is that throughout his tenure he threw huge numbers of minorities under the bus,” he said. she warned.

“He could be part of – if not completely detached – from all that up there. But here, we do not forget. And it’s starting to add up now.

Ms Tame also said the Prime Minister had ‘sacrificed’ trans youth in his support for outspoken Warringah Liberal candidate Katherine Deves.

“The prime minister is ready to sacrifice one of the most discriminated minorities – young LGBT people. They are the outsiders,” she said.

‘Who else is he willing to sacrifice? This is not the Australian way. No one is left behind. Nobody.’

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