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How should I begin my supply chain management career?


The supply chain is a collection of activities that produce and distribute goods and services from the manufacturing plant to the customer. Food, clothing, electronic appliances, and a variety of other products are all available through the supply chain.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important things you should know before embarking on a career in supply chain management.

a) Make an effort to comprehend the supply chain industry.

The role of supply chain management varies depending on the company. This means that the daily work can vary greatly between employers, depending on the industry and organisation in which you work. You must consider the size of the company as well as the ownership, as both of these factors can have an impact on your career. In large organisations, you may have to begin working within a supply chain segment or functional area with a lot of resources. Smaller companies may require you to fill multiple roles that provide extensive exposure to supply chain management but have limited resources and new business ideas. Before beginning your supply chain management career, it is critical that you thoroughly understand its requirements and whether it aligns with your passions and goals.

b) Recognize your own strengths, passions, and talents.

You must be aware of your own strengths as well as your ability to complete the work correctly. You can learn about your strengths and talents by using various career assessment tools such as aptitude tests, strengths finder, personality tests, and so on. If you understand what type of work you will be good at and whether you prefer working from home or in an office, your chances of being successful and satisfied in your first job will increase significantly.

c) Choose an area of supply chain management that interests you.

There are numerous career options available in the SCM field, giving you a wide range of roles to choose from. Choose an area of the supply chain that interests you and begin reading about it. This will assist you in deciding whether it is something you want to pursue. Some of the most common career paths chosen by supply chain professionals include:

  • Supply Chain Management and/or Technology
  • Management of Operations/Production
  • Management of Logistics and Distribution
  • Procurement and Supply Management

d) Stay current on the latest news and upcoming trends in supply chain management.

Reading blogs, enrolling in SCM classes, and participating in various discussion forums can help you stay up to date on the latest supply chain business ideas, news, trends, and emerging technologies. This will give you the ability to make important career decisions. You can create Google Alerts for specific keywords and topics relevant to your career, and Google will notify you when new content on your topic is published.

e) Begin networking early.

Connecting and networking with supply chain professionals is one of the best ways to learn about careers in supply chain management. Create an account on LinkedIn and begin connecting with people who work in this field. Connect with recruiters, hiring managers, supply chain executives, and HR professionals who have prior supply chain management experience. It will also be extremely beneficial for you to network with employees who are currently working in industries that interest you.

f) Gain real-world experience in SCM through internships.

In today’s job market, a supply chain internship is extremely valuable for distinguishing yourself from the competition. Look for an internship that is closely related to the type of job you want. This can assist you in establishing a suitable position while gaining relevant real-world experience. Begin connecting with people who work in this field to find exclusive internships that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.


Supply chain management is a promising field with numerous opportunities for those interested in logistics and operations. Follow the steps outlined above to gain an understanding of how an SCM business operates and make decisions accordingly.

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