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How to Choose the Right Commercial Windows


There are many benefits to choosing vinyl commercial windows. They are lightweight, require little maintenance and can come in many different colors. Another advantage is their weather resistance. They are also durable and can be painted. In addition, they are a combination of wood and metal. That means that you can see the wood side of the window on the outside while protecting your property from the weather.

Glass thickness

In general, glass thickness for commercial windows is thinner than that for residential windows. A standard single-pane commercial window typically has 1/4-inch-thick glass. Insulated commercial windows, on the other hand, have panes that are 1/4-inch thick with a 1/2″-thick spacer. The total width of a commercial window is one inch, while most residential windows have a maximum width of seven-eighths of an inch.

Commercial windows can be made of single-pane, laminated, or tempered glass. The type of glass used will depend on the type of frame and the intended use. Single-pane glass is typically 1/4-inch thick, while tempered or laminated glass is 1/2 to three-quarters-inch thick.

Casement windows

The ESWDA Casement window is the most popular window style in modern architecture. It features narrow mullions and is hinged on one side. It is also sealed throughout and is an energy-efficient choice. This type of window can be installed on a side or top hung window system, or in combination.

The Casement window has a hinged design that opens left or right. It is also known as a crank window, and is great for bathrooms and other hard-to-reach locations. They have a sleek frame sight line and are energy-efficient.

Insulating glass

If you’re looking for the most energy efficient windows for your building, consider installing insulated glass. This glass can help keep your building cooler and more comfortable during the summer and warmer during the winter. Insulated glass is made up of two glass panes separated by an air space. These panes are then hermetically sealed to the perimeter. The spacers typically contain a desiccant, which prevents moisture and vapor from building up inside.

Another important benefit of insulating glass for commercial windows is that it reduces noise. Noise can make a store uninviting to consumers, and it can make them feel uncomfortable. As a result, insulated windows help to limit noise, which allows store owners to create an ambiance that encourages purchases. Insulated glass also helps prevent vandalism and unlawful entry.


Optimal ventilation for commercial windows is important for a variety of reasons. Not only does it improve the flow of air throughout a building, it can also be highly beneficial for the health of occupants. Better airflow in a building leads to increased productivity and satisfaction. It can also improve the psychological well-being of the occupants. There are many proven ventilation technologies that can enhance the ventilation of a commercial building.

One of these is the use of actuated window systems. These ventilators are installed directly on the PVC window frame, and are virtually invisible. Additionally, they guarantee maximum light penetration without reducing the glass size.

Energy efficiency

When shopping for commercial windows, it’s important to look for products with good energy efficiency ratings. A nonprofit organization called the National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC) developed a rating system that measures whole-unit product performance. These ratings help you compare products side-by-side to determine which is the best option for your building. In addition, you can find out the U-Factor of each window and how well it insulates your building.

Window materials and styles can make a huge difference in energy efficiency. Newer commercial buildings often use tempered safety glass, which breaks into harmless fragments rather than sharp shards. Also, energy efficient windows usually feature two or three panels of glass per frame. Older buildings often have single-pane glazing, which makes them less energy-efficient.


Maintaining the cleanliness and aesthetics of commercial windows is critical to a building’s success. Just as an oil change is necessary in a car, regular maintenance for windows is essential for maintaining the factory warranty on them. Performing regular cleanings of your windows will keep them looking clean and prevent scratches. If the windows are not cleaned properly, they can damage the glass, making it impossible to repair.

Broken glass is not only dangerous, but also creates a security threat. It can also be a weakened point for criminals to break in. In addition to preventing break-ins, professional window maintenance will ensure that window seals are intact and look for any gaps near the windows. And of course, it will also help keep your building energy efficient by ensuring that all the windows are properly weatherproofed.

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