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How To Make Harmonious Communication With Maid In Singapore

Having a maid in Singapore has become a matter of great necessity. It is due to the fact that people who are busy in their official life find it hard to give ample space to household chores. Even it is further difficult to take the best care of children and elderly people during the daytime at home. Thus, the domestic helper is the right person to take care of the household duties in a hassle-free manner.

One of the things to take care of is communication with your maid. There has to be transparent, easy, and good communication with your new or transfer maid in SG to maintain a seamless working experience. It is further essential to make her feel comfortable, understand your house rules, prevent mistakes, and boost their morale.

Thus, there are a few communication tips mentioned here that you can follow to make a harmonious working relationship with your maid.

1. Just be in their shoes: To do the ice-breaking communication with your maid, the first thing to do is be in their shoes. Understand their position of working as a maid, leaving their families in other countries, and completely new to Singapore. Understand how it is for them to work under you or any other boss with new rules and regulations. Once you understand this, then it will be simple to talk with your maid in police and transparent manner.

2. Let your children take the lead: There might be the case that your maid is going to take care of your children at home and spend most of her time with them. So, kids can bridge the gap between you and the domestic helper. At the end of the day, ask your children about the maid’s behavior and way of handling them at home. It helps you know more about your maid, her way of doing things, and her actions. Moreover, it will help me make your communication with the maid all the more comfortable and easy.

3. Listen to the maid carefully: There will be a time when your domestic helper feels exhausted or find issues with the work. At such times, it is your responsibility as an employer to listen to her carefully, understand her problem, and try to provide a viable solution. This way helps in making your coordination with the maid all the more comfortable and easy. It further allows the maid to work in your house seamlessly and stay for a longer duration of time.


Managing a seamless relationship with your domestic helper in Singapore means a long-lasting working relationship. You can take the lead to start the first communication, nourish behavior, and understand more about your maid to create a harmonious working condition.

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