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JK Rowling will launch women-only service for victims of sexual violence in Scotland

Board of Directors of Beira's Place of Beira's Place Susan Smith, JK Rowling, Johann Lamont, Margaret McCartney and Rhona Hotchkiss

JK Rowling will launch a women-only service for survivors of sexual violence in Scotland just days before the SNP’s controversial Gender Recognition Bill is passed through parliament

  • The Harry Potter creator, 57, founded and funded a center called Beira’s Place
  • This is a brand new women-only service to help victims of sexual violence
  • Ms Rowling previously revealed she also suffered sexual and domestic abuse

JK Rowling has announced that she will fund a new women-only service for victims of sexual violence.

The Harry Potter creator, 57, has founded and will fund an Edinburgh-based center called Beira’s Place.

Ms Rowling, who has previously spoken about her own ordeal of sexual and domestic abuse, made the announcement days before a controversial gender bill hit the Scottish Parliament.

Nicola Sturgeon’s Gender Recognition Reform Bill has been criticized over fears predatory men will exploit it to pose as women and abuse their rights.

Ms Rowling believes there is a need for a women-only center providing care during a ‘vulnerable time’.

Beira’s Place will offer free individual and group counseling.

Its board is opposed to the gender recognition reform bill.

These include Rhona Hotchkiss, a former prison warden, and Dr Margaret McCartney, an academic, facilitator and general practitioner from Glasgow.

The Harry Potter creator, 57, has founded and will fund an Edinburgh-based center called Beira's Place

The Harry Potter creator, 57, has founded and will fund an Edinburgh-based center called Beira’s Place

The Time reports that Beira’s Place is legally allowed to exclude men under exemptions from the Equality Act 2010, which allows single-sex services if they are “a proportionate means to achieve a legitimate end”.

It is named after Beira, the Scottish goddess of winter.

JK Rowling said: “Beira reigns over the dark part of the year, passing the baton to her sister, Bride, when summer returns. Beira represents feminine wisdom, power and regeneration. It’s a force that endures through difficult times, but its mythos holds the promise that they won’t last forever.

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The Beira’s Place website says it was created in response to women survivors’ request for a women-only service, as none currently exist in the area.

He adds: “Beira’s Place is a women-only service. It was created by women, for women.

“This means that if you contact us the first person you speak to will be a woman, any support you receive will be from a woman and you can be assured that when you visit our center everyone in the building will be women. women.

“Violence against women and girls is a problem that crosses all cultures, classes and religions. These are gender-based crimes that are predominantly perpetrated by men and disproportionately suffered by women. It is for this reason that we are committed to offering a service open only to women. There are a number of services in Lothian, and indeed across Scotland, that provide support for male victims of domestic and sexual abuse. However, there are few, if any, that are strictly for women. National helplines (domestic violence and sexual violence) are open to female and male survivors, but there is no women-only domestic violence or sexual violence helpline in Scotland.

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“Beira’s Place workers and the board all have a long history of working with women. Any woman seeking support can be assured that all decisions regarding the running of the center have been made by women, including those who are used to providing direct services and listening to women’s voices.

‘The support staff have many years of experience working with women’s organizations and come from experience in sexual violence support, domestic violence support, substance abuse support, women’s support and girls who self-harm, mental health support and support for abused women in prostitution and sexual exploitation.’

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