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Love Island fans slam Olivia for getting involved as she probes Tanyel on Ron

Love Island fans slam Olivia for getting involved as she probes Tanyel on Ron

‘Is that her business?’: Love Island fans slam Olivia for getting involved as she asks Tanyel about her VERY close friendship with Ron

Love Island fans were left frustrated with Olivia Hawkins on Friday night’s episode as they accused the islander of getting involved in other people’s drama.

The actress and ring girl was seen grilling Tanyel Revan over her friendship with Ron Hall during the episode, hinting that the pair were more than just close friends.

But as she confronted the hairdresser, fans took to Twitter to wonder why the situation was Olivia’s business.

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Suspicions were raised over Ron and Tanyel’s friendship following a challenge during Thursday night’s episode, which saw every girl kiss every boy.

During the challenge, Tanyel appeared to give Ron, who is chasing Lana Jenkins, an extra hot kiss – which made Olivia think there was more to the story.

Pulling Tanyel in for a chat, Olivia explained, “You guys are really close, even in bed like hugs and stuff.”

“We are very close, I wish there was more with him because we get along so well, but they are friends. One thing about me is that I’ve only been real with you and everyone here,” Tanyel replied.

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But unimpressed fans took to Twitter, as one wrote: Olivia babes is this your business? Leave it man.

‘Why does Olivia care so much about other people’s business??’ echoes another.

As a third viewer joked, “Stop taking paracetamol for other people’s headaches.”

Many also questioned why she was speaking on behalf of Lana, who was not involved in the conversation, with one user writing: ‘So Lana can’t speak for herself??? SMH’.

After the kiss between Tanyel and Ron, Olivia and Lana had a debrief to discuss their thoughts on what they had seen – the former being sure the kiss had “lasted a little too long”.

While chatting with Lana, Olivia began, “I feel, I just want to tell you, how I felt watching this because I know you would do the same for me.

“Watching Tanyel and Ron kiss, I think it made everyone uncomfortable. I don’t know, I don’t want to put anything on your mind but it’s like the boundary you cross when you’re the best friend with a boy.

Concluding: ‘But, I want you to make your own judgement. I’m just saying because I love you, which I saw.

Lana then agreed, replying, “No, I appreciate it.” Yeah, to be honest, it took so long that I looked away.

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