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Man becomes Frosties-eating champion by gobbling 1kg in six minutes

Max Stanford, aka Max vs Food, mocked 1kg of Kellogg's Frosties in just six minutes

Cereal killer! Londoner becomes Frosties-eating champion after gobbling 1kg of cereal – the equivalent of 33 bowls – in just six minutes

A South London man has been crowned British Frosties Champion after gobbling down 1kg of sugary cereal in just six minutes.

YouTuber Max Stanford, aka Max vs Food, reigned supreme in the first British Eating League (BEL) online competition of 2023 last night.

The 35-year-old would have needed to eat an average of five and a half bowls of cereal a minute to get through it all – with one kilogram of Frosties equivalent to 33 bowls.

He washed down the entire packet, a mouthwatering 3,729 calorie serving, with four pints of skimmed milk in a mind-blowing six minutes and eight seconds.

Charity worker Max, who is last year’s defending BEL overall champion, easily edged his competitors, winning half the time of the next best competitor.

Second place in the contest went to blogger Food and the Beast with a time of 12 minutes and 56 seconds.

While third place went to Wayne Eats World who completed the challenge in 16 minutes, 28 seconds.

Max easily knocked out the belly-busting 4,489-calorie meal — containing more than double the recommended daily calorie intake of 2,000 calories for women.

If the calorie content alone wasn’t enough to put competitors off, Kellogg’s huge serving of cereal contained 370g of tooth-rotting sugar.

After being named the unofficial UK champion, Max, from Brixton, said: “I was really happy with the time as I didn’t think I could do it that fast.

“It was the first competition of the season, so it’s always fun to win.

Max in action: The YouTuber easily knocked out the belly-busting 4,489-calorie meal

Max in action: The YouTuber easily knocked out the belly-busting 4,489-calorie meal

Max’s Calorie Intake

1 kg of Kellogg’s Frosties – 3,729 calories

Four pints of milk – 760 calories

Total Calories – 4,489

“I like cereal, because I ate it so quickly that it didn’t get too soggy.

“Everyone took a little longer and the longer it takes the more soggy it gets – and everyone hates soggy cereal.

“I got into a good rhythm, I think that was the key.”

Prior to the event, Max said, “I’m very excited for the first [competition] of the league.

“I like cereal, I don’t know if I like Frosties as much as the kilo, but we’ll see.”

British Eating League founder Craig Harker said: “Max absolutely broke it.

‘Max is officially the number one eater in the UK. He was out for over a month so to come back with that kind of weather is amazing, it was half the time of second place.

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“Max is very dedicated to competitive eating – he’s in the gym every day and the more you train the better you become, just like in any sport.”

On your marks, ready?  Go!  Max took on six other competitors in the first British Eating League competition of the year

On your marks, ready? Go! Max took on six other competitors in the first British Eating League competition of the year

“What we’re trying to do at the British Eating League is make it a sport.

“It’s a skill, any of the competitive eaters could eat a normal person like me under the table.

“They can probably eat ten times more calories a day than a normal person.”

“Max has done very well, the other eaters have done well, and I hope competitive eating will be important this year for us.

“Thirty-three bowls in six minutes? I just don’t think it can be beat.

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