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Meghan Markle said stopped watching Real Housewives when her life 'had its own level of drama'

Meghan Markle admitted she was a fan of the Real Housewives franchise, but stopped craving it

Meghan Markle has admitted she’s a fan of the Real Housewives franchise, but stopped craving “other people’s drama” when her own life turned turbulent.

The Duchess of Sussex, 41, who lives in Montecito, California, opened up about her love for the show with presenter Andy Cohen on her Archetypes podcast, saying Real Housewives of Orange County was her favorite because she felt close of her Californian life. , but also “stranger”.

Cohen joked about rumors that Meghan would appear on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after she and Prince Harry moved to the US in 2020 after Megxit and the mother-of-two insisted she wouldn’t had no intention of appearing on a reality TV show.

However, Meghan will soon appear in a series on the fly when Netflix releases its £88million production after the Duchess and Prince Harry next week, December 8.

Meghan Markle admitted she was a fan of the Real Housewives franchise, but stopped craving it

Meghan Markle has admitted she’s a fan of the Real Housewives franchise, but stopped craving “other people’s drama” when her own life turned dramatic.

She also joked about wanting a spot on Cohen Watch’s talk show What Happens Live and poked fun at herself for not being famous enough at the time.

“I was so looking forward to being on your show because I was such a big Housewives fan at the time and I just couldn’t be booked Andy,” she said with a laugh.

After admitting to being a longtime fan of the show, Andy Cohen, one of three male guests on this week’s episode of Archetype, told Meghan: “I guess the million dollar question is, do you still watch housewives?” That’s what we’re dying to know.

Meghan replied: ‘Well, I’ll tell you the truth. I stopped watching Housewives when my life had its own level of drama.

‘That I quit…’ Andy finished his sentence for her by saying: ‘envying others’.

Meghan agreed with his interpretation and said: ‘I get why it was such a big part of pop culture and when it started because you started with Orange County and I’m from California, at least,” she added.

“It remotely felt like a world I knew but still felt so foreign to me,” she added.

Cohen went on to mention rumors swirling around Meghan’s potential appearance on the franchise’s Beverly Hills series after she and the Duke of Sussex quit as senior royals and moved to the United States. United.

Trevor Noah now insists he didn't claim that

Trevor Noah now insists he didn’t claim ‘everything in the UK is racist’ as he seeks to clarify remarks he made on The Daily Show following Rishi Sunak’s appointment as post of Prime Minister.

Talk TV host Piers Morgan has slammed the Daily Show and other US media outlets for

Talk TV host Piers Morgan criticized The Daily Show and other US media for “misrepresenting Britain as a racist country”. Responding to Morgan on Twitter, Noah said: ‘Come on Piers, you’re smarter than that. “I wasn’t saying ‘All of the UK is racist’, I was responding to racists who don’t want Rishi as Prime Minister because of his race… That’s why I said ‘Some people’.”

She laughed at them, saying she didn’t know of any rumors and wouldn’t be appearing on any reality TV shows.

In today’s episode, Meghan also revealed the first male guests on Archetypes came after Prince Harry – the only male to appear in an episode so far – suggested she do so.

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She said: “Now if you’ve listened to the last eleven episodes you might have noticed that you haven’t heard a lot of male voices, in fact, so far apart from a quick pop , from my husband, from the first episode, this show featured exclusively female voices.

“It was important to us that women had a space to share their authentic and complicated complex and dynamic experiences in order to be heard. And make yourself understood.

“But through this process it also occurred to me, and indeed at my husband’s suggestion, that if we really want to change the way we think about gender and the limiting labels in which we separate folks, then we need to broaden the conversation.

“And we need to actively include men in that conversation and certainly in that effort. So today, we just do that we open while getting out of the box”.

Trevor Noah has spoken of the shooting of his South African mother Patricia Noah at the hands of his stepfather, mechanic Abel Shingange, saying that ‘all [he] felt was rage’ following the horrific incident.

He said he and his mother relied on each other and he was suddenly the man of the house.

He said: ‘I remember my mother telling me when I was very young, she said, remember you can be the head of your family as a man without owning a penny more than your wife said you can’t win anything.

“She said being a man has nothing to do with how you wield your power around the house. It’s just how you fulfill your role”.

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Last month, Noah was embroiled in a row with the Prime Minister after he branded the UK a racist country, falsely claiming there was an outcry that ‘Indians are going to take over’ after Rishi Sunak became prime minister.

But in a video posted to Twitter by The Daily Show, Noah said: ‘Watching the story of Rishi Sunak becoming the first colored, Indian-born English Prime Minister of all these things and then seeing the backlash is the one of the most telling things about how people perceive the role they or their people have played in history.

“And what I mean by that is you hear a lot of people say ‘Oh they’re taking over, now the Indians are going to take over Britain and what happens next? ?

“And I always find myself saying, ‘So what? What are you afraid of ? He suggested that the fear was based on the fact that the previously oppressed took revenge on their tormentors by gaining power.

Tom Holland, the historian, author and podcaster, said: “As always, the failure of American liberals to understand the world beyond the United States in anything but American terms is an astonishing thing.”

“(The probability of the right-wing party in the United States choosing a Hindu as its leader is, I agree, effectively zero.)” Mr Sunak’s grandparents were from the state of Punjab before the Indian subcontinent was partitioned into India and Pakistan in 1947 after British colonial rule ended.

Noah, 38, grew up in a mixed-race family during apartheid and is one of America’s best-known satirists. His family moved to East Africa and then settled in the UK in the 1960s.

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