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Moment driver is hounded and surrounded by BMW convoy then knocked over

Moment driver is hounded and surrounded by BMW convoy then knocked over

The driver of the moment is hunted down and surrounded by a BMW convoy, then run over ‘before being chased by a gang wielding bars’

  • Footage shows driver pinned down by BMW convoy while traveling on the A30
  • Driver Ben Phillips said he was ‘shaken’ after six men with bars ran over his car
  • Police advised road users not to argue while driving

This is when a driver was chased down, surrounded and pinned down by a convoy of angry BMW drivers.

Ben Phillips was en route from Ibiza with his wife, when a car suddenly cut in front of him, causing him to honk.

The couple had stopped at her mother’s house in Weston-Super-Mare on the A30 when the terrifying incident happened in broad daylight.

Mr Phillips, a DJ from Padstow, said: ‘I was driving at 5pm. My wife was texting and I was listening to the news on the radio when a BMW cut in front of me, making me honk dangerously. For the next few minutes, this BMW played with me, testing my brakes.

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“Then four other vehicles (they were traveling together) all started to circle my car, lock me in and stop me and the A30, and in doing so collided with my car.” I got out and approached one of the cars and it drove off.

“I then placed myself in front of the other to prevent him from running away without giving his coordinates. He then hit his car and fled without reporting it to the police.

Six men then allegedly got out of their vehicles and ran towards Mr. Phillips’ car with metal bars.

Video footage shows the BMW car in front of him stopping and stopping, before starting to drive slowly down the dual carriageway.

A second car then appears, cornering Mr. Phillips’ vehicle before bringing the car to a complete stop.

Dashcam footage then shows Mr Phillips jumping from the driver’s seat before rushing to stand in front of the vehicle on the left side of the road.

The BMW then begins to drive away, knocking Mr Phillips over, rolling him into the outside lane before gently scrambling to his feet.

He added: “I then stopped at a rest area as I was shaken up and then they all stopped behind me.

“Six guys got out and ran towards my car, all of them holding metal bars, which forced me out of the parking lot, almost hitting a car.

“It was all absolutely horrible, shocking and disgusting. You just don’t expect such things to happen in Cornwall. I was shaken and in pain and will definitely not honk again.

It is believed that the BMW convoy was attending a drift event at Perranporth.

Mr Phillips reported the matter to the police, where he was advised not to argue on the road.

He said he was unhappy with the response, saying the officer tried to blame him.

In an email between an officer and Ben, seen by CornwallLive, he confirms that three BMW drivers involved in the incident have been located and reported for driving without care and attention.

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The email reads: “In their accounts, which have been very similar, they have expressed concerns about your behavior towards them, which prompted their response.” However, this does not endorse their behavior or their way of driving.

“I have no doubt there is more to the initial part of this incident that was not shown in your video.

“I remind you that in the future it might be wise not to get into arguments or ‘road rage’ which, as is clearly proven, has escalated into a serious situation which could have resulted in serious injury or worse.”

A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesperson said the incident was linked to a report of dangerous and aggressive driving on the A30 near Launceston on Friday.

The spokesperson said: “One of the drivers who witnessed this went to a local station after the initial call to share more details with us, including the registration details of two vehicles. “

‘This led to officers locating two cars in Perranporth and flagging the drivers for a number of offences.

“Further follow-up matters related to this incident will be reviewed in due course.”

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