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Neighbour's note complaining about noisy grandchildren in Sydney suburb divides Australia

Neighbor’s aggressive handwritten note complaining about noisy children next door divides Aussies: ‘There’s no need to shout’

  • A parent left their children with their in-laws to babysit on Saturday night in Sydney
  • Sunday morning, the grandparents received a note from a neighbor
  • The neighbor complained about the noise and threatened to call the cops
  • The note was shared on Reddit with many people defending the neighbor’s letter

A handwritten note from a neighbor threatening to call the police on a couple due to a visit from their “very loud” grandchildren has divided Australia.

A parent shared a photo of the note on Reddit, explaining that they had left their children with their in-laws to babysit on Saturday night at their townhouse in Ashfield, Sydney’s mid-west.

While the parents were on their ‘much-needed’ date, their in-laws were left with a note asking their ‘screaming’ grandchildren to shut up or be taken to a park to play.

‘Dear neighbour. Could you please consider that sound travels and your grandchildren make a lot of noise,’ the letter began.

“Today your visitors shouted and dragged noisy toys and disturbed the peace.”

A handwritten note from a neighbor threatening to call the police on a couple due to a visit from their ‘very loud’ grandchildren has divided Australia

The neighbor said that because the couple lived in a “high density building” they would have to take their grandchildren to the park to play like other residents of the complex did.

“I just wanted to have a nice quiet day in my apartment, but I can’t have it because your supervision of the children is non-existent,” the note continues.


Do you think the rating is fair?

  • Yes, parents should teach their children to behave 161 votes
  • No, children should be allowed to play 32 votes

“Lack of consideration for others.

“If this continues I will consider contacting Strata and the police as we know our rights. There is no need to shout.

“Sunday is our day off.

The note has since sparked a fierce debate over who was wrong, with many pointing out that it was left in a “passive-aggressive” way.

“I wouldn’t write a passive aggressive letter like this, but I live in a crowded community and it really pisses me off when I hear the neighbors’ kids screaming all the time,” someone said. a.

Others pointed to the fact that it was likely a one-time event and neighbors were overreacting.

“As someone who listened to someone’s toddler literally screaming loud and echoing off the walls….. I can kinda feel their pain. But I understand that can’t be helped,’ one comment read.

“The screaming of the kids sucks but it seems extreme if this was a one off case and the kids don’t live there,” another added.

Others defended the neighbor and said parents had a responsibility to keep their children well behaved.

Many Reddit users said children should learn to play without disturbing others (stock image)

“As an apartment dweller myself, I fully understand their point of view. We also have young children, but we try hard to teach them not to knock and not to jump because it resonates in the building,” one wrote.

“That said, I would expect this kind of letter after repetitive noise pollution, not just once.”

Another said: ‘I mean, it’s a bit passive-aggressive, but if the kids were making so much noise, what were the grandparents doing?

“We live in an apartment and our 4 year old grandson stays twice a week. It is the same for many apartments around us. We are all aware that sound travels, so don’t let grandchildren scream, run around loudly or knock things on the ground. It’s courtesy,” said another.

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