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Pokhara ship accident: The Commission has completed the work of inspection and collection of evidence at the accident site

Pokhara ship accident: The Commission has completed the work of inspection and collection of evidence at the accident site

January 10, Kathmandu. The inquiry commission formed to study the ship accident in Pokhara on January 1 has completed the inspection of the accident site and the collection of evidence. The Commission issued a statement and published the details of the work done so far. According to the commission, the work was started from the day of the incident. So far, a detailed inspection of the incident site has been completed.

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The work of collecting necessary spare parts and aircraft recorders from the accident site has also been completed. The Commission said that it has also completed the work of interviewing the eyewitnesses and collecting the necessary documents from the airline operator. According to the Commission, the work of collecting documents from the regulatory body Nepal Civil Authority and the Ministry is continuing.

As the recorders that receive important information regarding accident investigation cannot be tested in Nepal, they have to be sent to an international lab with high quality and skilled manpower. According to the Commission, preparations are being made.

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According to the international standards, the commission is investigating and after completing all the procedures, the report will be submitted to the government of Nepal with suggestions for further assistance in flight safety.

On January 1, Yeti Airlines’ ATR 72-9N-ANC flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara met with an accident. The bodies of 71 people have been found in the accident. 1 person is missing. There were 72 people on board. On the same day, the meeting of the Council of Ministers formed an accident investigation commission under the chairmanship of former secretary Nagendra Prasad Ghimire.

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News/Image Sources: Online Khabar

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