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Police warn of action against selling petroleum products in bottles and jerkins

Police warn of action against selling petroleum products in bottles and jerkins

January 11, Kathmandu. The police has appealed not to sell and distribute petroleum products in bottles and jerkins.

Recently, the district police complex Kathmandu has warned of action as it has been found that petroleum products are being sold and distributed openly.

The police issued a public notice and said that attention has been drawn to the sale and distribution of petroleum products in bottles, jerkin and other containers openly from petrol pumps.

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The police has warned not to sell and distribute openly as it is sensitive to fire, human and material damage as well as safety. The police have warned that action will be taken if they are found to be selling.

“If it is found that the sale and distribution of petroleum products is contrary to the information of security sensitivity, there will be legal action to the extent according to the prevailing law,” it is mentioned in the notice.

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According to the police, this is a security sensitive issue as highly flammable petroleum products are sold openly, unsafely transported and stored in houses and shops, causing fire and human and physical damage.

Just on Tuesday, Elam’s Prem Prasad Acharya tried to commit suicide by spraying petroleum products in front of Parliament House. He died this morning during treatment.

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Some time ago in Kathmandu, a young woman also set herself on fire in front of her lover’s house after her engagement was broken.

News/Image Sources: Online Khabar

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