Technology and Gadgets Role in Work from Home

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In this situation, technology is used to meet the needs of both the employers and the employees.

Everything is now more attainable and laser-focused thanks to the advancement of technology and automation.

If used properly, it may prove advantageous for both the company’s and the entire country’s economy.

Regarding WFH, it has become clear that technology utilisation has a significant positive impact on the expansion of many businesses.

Many different technologies show how useful they are for initiating and managing remote work.

1. Communication via the cloud

Employees can easily contact via email with the members of their teams and their direct bosses as long as they adhere to corporate regulations.

Additional internal conversations can be conducted using VoIP technologies.

Staff members may easily keep in touch with one another because to the internet’s widespread use and the ease with which video conferences and calls can be organised.

Additionally, remote access tools can be used by both businesses and employees to solve IT issues (if required).

Each employee can be given an official contact number, and calls can be recorded to keep track of those that are made for business purposes.

With the advent of apps that allow for end-to-end encrypted chats, calls may now also be encrypted, so there is no need to be concerned about security.

2. Software for tracking employees:

There are many employee monitoring software programmes available to monitor the workforce.

These programmes can be placed on employees’ computers to improve surveillance while they are at work.

One of the main features provided is:

a) Activity Monitoring: It is possible to follow a worker’s activities in real-time, including browsing history, email monitoring, idle time monitoring, screen activity recording, total working hours, etc.

b) Time Monitoring: A variety of techniques, including as automatic time capture, leave tracking, timesheet management, etc., can be employed to keep track of how much time individuals spend working.

c) GPS Monitoring: Employee tracking software can also carry out location tracking to monitor an employee’s whereabouts.

3. Safety

Employers can avoid any potential data security issues with WFH by installing firewall and anti-virus software on employee computers.

To prevent unauthorised access to various emails, chats, other programmes, or sites crucial to the business, multi-factor authentication can be used to log in.

The type of work to be done has an impact on how effective the WFH policy is, claims Phil Cicora, Business & Law Editor from the University of Illinois.

The general WFH benefits that technology can offer include the following:

Any organisation can employ the greatest workers from anywhere in the world by putting this plan into practise, regardless of where they are situated geographically.

Ultimately, job searchers have the choice to search for employment throughout the globe that match their interests and provide them the opportunity to work for organisations of their choosing.

Greater Productivity: Traffic congestion is a common problem in major cities all over the world.

Because they won’t have to drive for hours every day, WFH helps the employees’ stress levels.

Therefore, during office hours, employees who are highly motivated and unhurried may function successfully.

An employee becomes more productive and effective overall, which eventually helps the company.

The employee feels fulfilled in his role and with the company when he is able to better manage his time and maintain a balance between his personal and professional lives.

c) Time management: It’s too exhausting and frustrating to travel after work, especially in large cities.

WFH allows workers to preserve that time and use it in other ways.

Employers benefit as well since employees take less time to settle down and concentrate on their work because they are not stressed out from travel and traffic jams.

d) Cost-Saving: By allowing workers to work from their desired location, WFH greatly reduces the employer’s expense for upkeep of the office infrastructure.

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