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Thing to Know Before Hiring a Premade Book Cover Design Freelancer

Book Cover

Like many authors, you’re most likely not thinking much about how your book might appear. Your attention has been focused on what the book will say. But if you’re thinking of self-publishing then you’ll need an expert book design both inside and outside. 

It’s likely that you’ll need an experienced designer who will assist you in capturing the attention of your readers. This is even true for eBooks. The cover of your book must draw attention when it comes to a store online.

As you finish your book, you’ll need to start searching for an author. You’ll want to locate an individual whose style is appealing to you, and who’s skills are in line with your requirements. You’ll need someone skilled in designing an attractive and professional-looking book cover that draws the attention of your intended audience and draws readers to purchase. You’ll need to find someone who’s capable of conveying the essence of your book in one photo.

Do not wait until the very last minute. It is possible to get suggestions for other authors. You could also look at for a job on Craig’s List as well as your local print shop. You might also want to advertise on social networks such as LinkedIn and job websites like Elance.

Before choosing an artist, think about these suggestions:

* Have a completed manuscript, one that has been polished, edited and is ready for printing. Why is this so important? If you alter or modify the content, it could alter the book’s length as well as the page layout, causing additional job for you as a designer. Don’t expect the additional work to be included in the price. If you’re just publishing and you want to let an artist design the covers while you work writing the manuscript. However, you should be aware of the location where it will be published, so you know what the cover will be measured.

Learn about the designs of designers. Are they specialized in their work? Do they design covers for books? Do they also create custom cover designs? Do they design covers for books by using clip art or photos? Do they make use of creative type effects? Check out their examples of work.

• Decide on the size you would like for the volume to become. There are a variety of sizes. Do you prefer the size that’s most affordable to print? Do you prefer an e-book that is pocket-sized? Are there any other specific dimensions you require? Make sure you decide before the designer lay out your book, and not until after the designer has completed the task. If you don’t, you’ll need to cover revisions.

* Your printer could have specific needs that might require changes to the design of your book during the course of play. If you’ve made a decision on your printer, you’ll want to place your designer directly in contact with a representative from the print shop. There could be limitations regarding the number of pages that can be printed and also requirements for the size of pages, trimming allowances, and editing of photos. Also, you may require your printer to calculate the book’s width according to the paper type and the estimated number of pages. In the absence of this data, your design will likely require some tweaks before it’s acceptable. You could end up paying for additional design time or by your printer or designer. While you may act as an intermediary in the exchange of this information, it’s easier and more accurate to let the printer and designer talk directly. You might want to take a look at Digiart, they offer premade book cover design service:

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