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Trans activist who called father 'fascist' claims she was protecting friends

A trans activist who called a father a ‘fascist’ as he held her baby has apologized but claimed the abuse was an attempt to ‘protect’ her trans friends – amid calls for she is sacked from her job as an assistant to a Labor MP.

Carly-May Kavanagh, a social worker in the House of Commons for Brighton MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle, is pictured in footage with another woman shouting at the unidentified man with the baby in his arms during a rally in Brighton.

The video footage featuring Miss Kavanagh and a friend was posted on Twitter and has been viewed over 750,000 times.

Were you the father holding his baby?


The friend says to the man: ‘Oh you are raising a little fascist’.

Miss Kavanagh then joins him and says to the unidentified man: ‘F****** fascist…you think it’s a good idea don’t you, to raise a child who believes to this filth […] you are disgusting.’ At one point, she comes within inches of the baby, who remains calm.

Miss Kavanagh – a University of Southampton graduate who has worked as a journalist for publications such as NME and The Independent – has since posted an apology which stopped short of apologizing to the man himself .

She tweeted: “Saturday I let the trans community down with my behavior. My desire to protect my trans friends caused me to act in ways I shouldn’t have. I’m embarrassed by my actions and I’m sorry.

“It was a tough learning experience for me and should be a lesson for all of us. My shouting and my ways were wrong and are now being used against the trans community that we all want to support. I was wrong and it won’t happen again.

As social media users demanded she be sacked, Brighton broadcaster Simon Fanshawe – a former Stonewall c-founder – wrote an open letter to Mr Russell-Moyle asking for reassurance that he takes care of the case.

‘fascists’ and that as an MP you will listen to their anxieties and apprehensions about self-identification with an open mind”.

Carly-May Kavanagh is a social worker in the House of Commons for Brighton MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle

The video footage featuring Miss Kavanagh and a friend was posted on Twitter and has been viewed around 750,000 times. Friend calls baby ‘little fascist’

Miss Kavanagh was with another woman who even called the baby a ‘little fascist’. Footage shows the women yelling at the unidentified man with the baby in his arms during a rally in Brighton. Miss Kavanagh has since posted an abject apology

Carly May Kavanagh said she ‘let the trans community down with my behaviour’ at the rally in Brighton

She was apparently demonstrating against supporters of the organization Standing For Women who staged a rally in a park in Brighton on Sunday.

The group ‘Reclaim Pride Brighton’ described the Standing For Women event as part of a ‘transphobic hate tour’ and claimed ‘fascists’ were trying to ‘stir up hatred towards trans people’.

Protesters interrupted speeches by Standing For Women founder Kellie-Jay Keen and other speakers.

Keen has frequently drawn the ire of pro-trans activists because of her views on women’s rights.

The women’s rights activist said today: ‘Screaming fascist in front of a baby is a particularly visible sign of how full of sheer madness this movement is. As far as I’m concerned, transgender ideology is a quasi-religious cult and it’s very dangerous.

“He seeks to use fear and intimidation to silence dissent. I was interrogated twice by the police and arrested once.

Responding to Miss Kavanagh’s apology, she said: ‘This young lady was absolutely disgusting in her behavior and still doesn’t seem to understand what she did wrong. She didn’t apologize to the father, she just apologized for embarrassing her trans allies.

Keen’s speech was interrupted by protesters from Reclaim Pride Brighton, who vowed to “bring flags and noisemakers”.

It led to a clash between pro-trans people and women’s rights advocates, with footage showing police dragging two people away from the scene.

A line of police had to separate the rival groups, many of whom wore black masks.

Police made two arrests during clashes between rival groups after smoke bombs were dropped. Several hundred attended the event.

Harry Potter author JK Rowling, who has faced death threats from trans fanatics, said of the incident: “I see the Be Kind Brigade once again hiding behind her black masks, throws smoke bombs, shouts “scum” at women who speak out for their gender-based rights and slurs towards lesbians.

The Harry Potter author, 57, since mocking an online post in June 2020 that used the words ‘menstruating’ instead of ‘women’.

Harry Potter author JK Rowling, who faced death threats from trans fanatics, tweeted about the incident

A protester wearing sunglasses and covering his face is carried away by two police officers during the event in Brighton

A second person is taken away by police during the clash between rival groups

She has been targeted by trolls after making critical comments about the transgender lobby – including protesters standing outside her house with signs after her address was posted online last year.

Keen, meanwhile, told MailOnline earlier this month that her events had been hit with a number of threats and warnings.

She spoke out after officers from Sussex Police were alerted to a number of threatening messages directed at her.

They included many branded Keen – who is also known as Posie Parker – a TERF and urged people to “fight it any way you see fit”.

She told MailOnline: ‘I was called a Nazi for saying I don’t think women have penises. Once you can paint someone as the most hateful person in society – a Nazi – I guess anything goes.

“I’ve had a lot of threats over the years, being told they hope my kids have cancer.

A masked protester speaks with a police officer during the rally in Brighton, which led to multiple arrests

A protester is taken away in a police van amid clashes between women’s rights and pro-trans groups

“Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for transgender activists to threaten women who want to speak out about our rights – JK Rowling is a prime example.

“We are subject to a wide range of threatening messages.

“I think anything about social media also depersonalizes people. We have been dehumanized by the term TERF. There are quite disturbed people within this group, as well as others I suppose.

“It’s a very effective campaign that we’re supposed to believe that men who want to call themselves women are the most vulnerable group in society.

“When I was a little younger I could walk to Tesco with my kids and a man would tell me what he thought of my appearance. As women, we are unfortunately used to these regular infractions. I think the whole issue of identity politics is poison.

Protesters interrupted speeches by Standing For Women founder Kellie-Jay Keen and other speakers

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