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Trump is SUED by New York's Democratic AG Letitia James

BREAKING NEWS: New York Attorney General Letitia James is suing Trump, Ivanka, Eric and Don Jr. for ‘inflating real estate prices’ – and is trying to bar his firm from entering into real estate deals or transactions banking for FIVE YEARS

  • New York AG Letitia James announced on Wednesday that she is suing Trump
  • His office probed Trump for allegedly raising property valuations when seeking loans
  • Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen testified to House that Trump’s property values ​​were low for tax authorities
  • Trump has repeatedly attacked James for ‘witch hunting’ and called her a racist

New York Attorney General Letitia James has sued former President Donald Trump and accused him of engaging in “numerous acts of fraud”, in a lawsuit that follows a a three-year investigation.

James was due to announce the lawsuit at a press conference on Wednesday, in a lawsuit that accuses Trump and his three adult children of inflating the real estate valuations of his real estate empire and depressing values ​​when dealing with the tax authorities.

She said after a review of “millions of documents” and told reporters it was for “breaking the law in his efforts to generate profit for himself, his family and his business”.

She said he did it “to fool the system and fool us all”.

She specifically named Trump and three of his adult children, Don Jr., Eric and Ivanka Trump, and said they were “persistently” inflating asset values.

New York AG Letitia James announced on Wednesday that her office is suing former President Donald Trump and his adult children

The total “fraud” was $250 million, she claimed.

She specifically referred to the “statements of financial position” prepared for Trump by his accountants and executives.

Trump vouched for the accuracy of these statements when submitting them to banks and insurance companies.

“We show that they violated multiple state criminal laws, including falsifying business records, submitting false financial statements, insurance fraud, and participating in a conspiracy to commit each of these violations of state law,” she said.

Donald Trump Jr. fired back immediately, tweeting a photo of James and writing, “The bull**** Dem witch hunt continues.”

James’ suit also names three Trump children: Don Jr., Ivanka and Eric

She said Trump inflated his net worth to ‘cheat the banks’

She accused them of creating “over 200” false and misleading asset valuations.

She accused Trump of “intentional and deliberate fraud” by tripling the size of her Trump Tower penthouse apartment, thereby increasing its value.

Donald Trump Jr. fired back immediately, tweeting a photo of James and writing, “The bull**** Dem witch hunt continues.”

She also touched on Trump properties, including 40 Wall Street.

James said he “blatantly ignored legal restrictions” at Mar-a-Lago in stating that it could be developed for residential use, when in fact it was subject to numerous limitations. He valued the property based on a ‘false premise’ that it could be sold and used in a private home, and said it should have been valued at $75 million, when the Trumps valued at $739 million.

Trump’s properties, AG James, were misvalued

Trump tower penthouse

40 Wall Street


Financials secures lease on Old Post Office in Washington, D.C.

Seven Springs in Westchester County, NY

Trump National Golf Club in Los Angeles.

During his extended remarks, James mentioned a series of Trump properties including: Trump Tower, 40 Wall Street, Mar-a-Lago, the Old Post Office Lease in Washington, D.C., Seven Springs County of Westchester, NY and Trump National Golf Club in LA.

She said he submitted ‘false and misleading financial statements’ during lease negotiations with the federal government during the Obama administration when he secured a long-term lease for the former office building post office, a historic building in Washington DC.

His complaint is 280 pages long and said his remarks “barely scratch the surface of the misconduct we uncovered.”

She is asking a court to serve the trumps for serving as an officer of any business in the state, complete a commercial real estate acquisition for five years, or apply for loans for the same period.

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