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Why doesn't McDonalds rot: Man compares old and new Big Mac as Maccas launches its summer menu

A Queenslander compared a new Big Mac (left) to a three-month-old Big Mac (right) and said the burgers were 'plastic food'

A Queensland man has called McDonalds ‘plastic food’ after comparing a Big Mac he just served to one he kept in the fridge for three months – with little discernible difference.

The confrontational video shared on Friday showed the man criticizing the toppings of the burger he had just purchased comparing it to the one he had purchased and stored since August 25.

“It’s been in my fridge for three months… Let’s take a look at today’s one,” he said, inspecting the new burger.

A Queenslander compared a new Big Mac (left) to a three-month-old Big Mac (right) and said the burgers were 'plastic food'

A Queenslander compared a new Big Mac (left) to a three-month-old Big Mac (right) and said the burgers were ‘plastic food’


McDonald’s food doesn’t rot for the same reason jerky, crackers and croutons do: they’re dried out.

Most McDonald’s dishes are very low in water and high in sodium, which means the food dries out relatively quickly.

Food is also prepared in a food-safe environment and cooked at high temperatures that kill any bacteria that trigger the rotting process.

“Is it the lettuce and onion I got?” Maccas, you should be ashamed of yourself.

He went on to take apart the dull new Big Mac and compared it to the ones pictured in McDonald’s advertising.

He then opened the old Big Mac box to show an eerily similar burger.

‘Look at this, it’s exactly the same. It just shrunk,” he said.

‘No mold, no rot, the burger is tough. How come the lettuce isn’t even rotten?

“You put that shit in your stomach and in your kid’s stomach. It’s plastic food, it’s what you put in your gut.

‘Absolutely full of preservatives. People who do it every day, it’s no wonder you’re so fat.

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Photos of people’s home experiments with McDonald’s “rot-proof” foods go viral every few months.

The trend was started by an Alaskan woman in 2016 – although similar posts had been floating around for years before – who shared photos of a six-year-old Happy Meal.

Video shows the three-month-old Big Mac (above) is mostly still intact but smaller and dried out

Video shows the three-month-old Big Mac (above) is mostly still intact but smaller and dried out

Australian dietitian Susie Burrell said the result of Mr Loblaw’s experiment “is not surprising” because of the amount of preservatives in everyday foods.

“I believe McDonald’s uses pretty standard preservatives,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

“You know, you buy a pack of wraps now and they last a month.

“But it’s a good example of how fast food is heavily transformed, it’s not great for us.”

“It’s not just McDonald’s, but fast food in general. It takes certain chemicals and requires extreme processes to make their products.

National Heart Foundation researcher Stephanie Partridge said there are bigger health risks than preservatives to worry about when eating McDonald’s.

Viral posts sharing photos of McDonald's 'immortal' food (example above) pop up every few months

Viral posts sharing photos of McDonald’s ‘immortal’ food (example above) pop up every few months

“In Australia, most fast food is categorized as discretionary or junk food,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

“From the latest National Health Survey, we know that 40% of people’s diets come from these foods.

“These products are often ultra-processed and far removed from the original ingredients.

“Eating excess junk food can contribute to chronic problems like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Dr Partridge added that the biggest problem with fast food is that it is becoming ubiquitous and an affordable option as the price of healthier alternatives rises with inflation.

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“Like all fast food restaurants, McDonald’s is so readily available and convenient,” she said.

“That’s how our cities are designed, these huge fast food companies are taking over.

“With the rising cost of living, how can you blame someone for choosing fast food over expensive fresh options?”

A McDonald’s spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia: ‘McDonald’s prides itself on serving high quality products.

“We’ve been supporting Aussie farmers for over 50 years and our Big Macs include 100% Aussie Beef, Crispy Aussie Lettuce and Aussie Pickles.

“Our food is made to be consumed upon purchase or delivery to ensure quality and freshness.”

Dehydration, high blood pressure and hunger pangs: What happens to your body an hour after eating a McDonald’s Big Mac revealed

  • The infographic from the American website Fast Food Menu Price details the effects
  • Graphic claims the American burger has 540 calories and 1.3g of trans fat
  • It will take more than three days for your body to digest the fatty meal

By Anucyia Victor for MailOnline

Visual by Fast Food Menu Price, based in the United States, claims to show the effects that a McDonald’s Big Mac American burger can have on your body after one hour of consumption.

He claims that within the first ten minutes the meal will raise your blood sugar to abnormal levels, cause dehydration after half an hour, feelings of hunger within 40 minutes, and slow digestion after 60 minutes.

Summarizing the ingredients in a Big Mac served in the United States, the chart also reveals that it takes up to three days for the body to digest the burger.

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The ingredients of an Australian Big Mac are different from those of an American Big Mac.

Fast Food Menu Price infographic reveals what eating a Big Mac burger can do to your body

Fast Food Menu Price infographic reveals what eating a Big Mac burger can do to your body

It takes about 51 days to digest trans fats. The company claims that a Big Mac in the United States contains 1.5 grams of trans fat. Different studies have proven that trans fats can be linked to heart disease, obesity, cancer and diabetes.

The graphic ends by advising diners to only occasionally indulge in Big Macs.

Contacted for comment, a McDonald’s spokesperson told FEMAIL: “We do not recognize the ingredients or nutritional information in this graphic.” The so-called facts of this image are misleading and bear no resemblance to the Big Mac available to customers in the UK.

“We have been displaying nutrition information for all of our dishes for over 30 years, so it is a shame to see such inaccurate numbers and information circulating.

“We’ve removed all artificial trans fats from our menu, the iconic Big Mac contains no artificial colors or flavors, and the bread contains no corn syrup.

“For over 10 years, we’ve evolved our recipes to reduce salt and sugar, reducing the sugar content of our Big Mac by over 22%.

“We encourage our customers to visit the accurate nutrition information section available on our website or mobile phone app to help them make informed choices about their diet.”

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